Marc Dube

Life Coach; Interventionist

In 2014, Marc began a career with Together We Can as a group facilitator and a one-on-one counsellor. Marc has been involved in recovery and the recovery community since 2005. As Program Director of the Awakenings program and Operations Manager of the Elevate and Solid Ground programs, Marc is responsible for program planning, managing the counselling and support staff, and overseeing the care of primary residential treatment clients.

In 2016, Marc’s passion for recovery and sober living lead him to become a Sober Living Coach. Marc has worked with several clients who have completed residential treatment programs and assists them with building and strengthening life skills, helping them continue to grow in a positive way and to incorporate recovery into their new lives.

In 2017, after completing the CANAM Interventions Training and Skills 101 Certificate program, Marc began facilitating intervention services for families within the Vancouver and lower mainland areas. Marc’s own personal experience as well as his passion for helping others, drives him to provide families with a comfortable and compassionate setting to help their loved ones.

Marc is the owner of Facilitating Changes and his business services can be viewed by clicking the below link.